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Events and Happenings

First day

Speaker : Sridhara Murhy ji, Retired Teacher, Rashtrotthana High school. Murthy ji spoke on the topic ‘Bharathiya Kutumba Paddathi’.

Speech highlights:

  • Importance of family system in India and Joint family.
  • Hindu way of life such as visiting Mandir, chanting shlokas, respecting elders,
  • ‘Athithi Devobhava’.
  • Taking food together and guest hospitality.

Second day

Speaker : Dr. Ajay, Dentist spoke on “Plants worshiped in India. Why ?” .

Speech highlights:

  • Role of plants in our life, purpose of worship.
  • Importance of plants in life such as; Neem and Tulasi use as medicine for viral and bacterial diseases.
  • Herbal medicine which have no side effects for health.

Third day

Speaker : Dr. Karibasappa , surgeon. Spoke on the topic ‘ Indian way of living”.

Speech highlights:

  • Importance of prayer, pranayama.
  • ‘Annam Bramha’.
  • Indian way of life.
  • Three take home messages :
  • 1) Never eat packed food items.
  • 2) Never sleep after 5 a m.
  • 3) Respect elders, parents and Teachers.

Fourth day

Dr. Vinay Simha ji, Correspondent, Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra CBSE spoke on the topic ” Science and Technology”.

Speech highlights:

  • Contributions of Indian to science centuries ago.
  • Charaka Samhitha, biotechnology.
  • Informed students not to misuse science to harm instead to be used for upliftment of mankind.
  • Interaction cum question and answer session. Students participated clarified their doubts.

Fifth day

Speaker Sri. Kotresh ji spoke on the topic ‘ Bharathiya Chitrakale’.

Speech highlights:

  • Indian Fine Art.
  • Evolution of art.
  • Contributions of Indian artist to fine Art such as Ravivarma, K K Hebbar.
  • Recent development of art in India.

Sixth day

Speaker Dr. Vishwanath Bandri ji spoke on “Baala Samskara”.

Speech highlights:

  • Character development.
  • Personality development.
  • Home – first school;
  • mother – first teacher at home.